Debugging An Application in Wildfly with Eclipse

You have an application running on Wildfly and would like to debug it remotely using eclipse.

Starting Wildfly in Debug Mode

  1.  Go to bin directory of your Wildfly Installation.
  2. Kick Start your Wildfly in Debug Mode with the following command.

    For Linux

    For Windows

Note: This is when you are using standalone.xml if you are using standalone-full.xml replace the config option.

Configuring Eclipse to Remote Debug an Application

  1.  By Default the debug port used by Wildfly is 8787. Now go to Eclipse IDE and do the following changes.
  2.  Go To Run–> Debug Configurations
  3.  Look for “Remote Java Application”
  4.  Right Click on it and select new.
  5.  Give an appropriate name of this remote debugging application.
  6.  Give hostname as the host where the system is running if it is localhost host give
    Host: or localhost
    Port: 8787
    Let “Allow termination of remote VM” as checked.
  7. Click on Debug Option to start the debugger.
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